thoughts caress ideas flow

what’s happening I do not know

red and blurring past my eyes

a streak of conscious in the skies

i lay i lye i wish to sleep

and in my mind these thoughts to creep

help me please i don’t know where

but something evil creeps out there

green and fat and nice to sit

i wonder what to say to it

as I lay upon the floor

I ponder why I have no door

a can, a man, oh man i can

i have no attention span

words upon my pencil tip

coming from my mind they drip

scribbley white and eery blue

i think i might be scaring you

my mind is lost, not to be found

until the world again is round

i don’t know what my words are saying

but my conscious mind in baying

anxious twitching words are spewing

into a world in which I’m doing

everything but nothing still

it’s time i fear to pay my bill

blue and read and pepsi coke

upon the world we bear the yoke

of tyranny and rice oppression

someone please must head the lesson

help me please i think I’m lost

i took a trip but at what cost

my mind is addled and quite spinning

please stop writing when I’m sinning

music courses though my head

and to the world I am as dead

writing words and thought with form

above, beyond, outside the norm

flip the page and write some more

it’s comfy here upon the floor

with frivolous and speed abandon

cars and bars and loo sea randon

blue and books and shelf and wall

this poem makes not quite sense at all