Upon a Misty Morn

a lightning flash and steel clash
upon the foggy field
two warriors duel, and as a rule,
one’s end to be revealed

like predators they circle
at a slow and even pace
following each others eyes
and staring face to face

upon this field of battle,
below the morning sky
who shall take a bonny bride
and who’s lot is it to die

she watches from a distance,
a fret and worried miss
that men are vying for her
in a manner such as this

As man has done for ages,
upon this field of war
these two men fight for honour
as many have before

men have fought for freedom
with a rapiers brandished steel
they’ve fought to end oppression
and a tyrants bloody heel

like countless men before them
they duel upon the morn
honour bound and duty mind
upon the steel born

a woman’s hand, that is at stake
though this she did not choose
she’ll be married to the winner
but she’ll love the one who’ll lose