Category: Fiction

The Island

Light pours between my eyelids as I slowly open them to reveal a milky blue sky so pale as to be almost white. As I begin to stir I realize I’m laying in gentle green grass, almost cotton like in it’s softness. I’ve never seen grass like this before in my life. Surely it’s never seen a blade before. How did I end up here? Searching my mind I can’t bring anything to sharp focus. It’s as if everything up until this very moment is a blur. I’m not even sure who I am. Sitting up, my eyes take in […]

Phill and I – Part 1

The course hemp dug into my wrists as they twisted in vain to free themselves. I have to say, things weren’t looking good. Behind my back a low groan signalled Phill’s return to consciousness. I give him a jab with my elbow. “Hey! You with awake?” I whispered. “Mmmmph,” came the mumbled replay, “I had the worst dream.” “ Yeah well it’s not over yet.” As I glanced around the room I realized how true those words were. The gleaming steel and stone architecture of the place looked hewn out of a volcano. I couldn’t believe it. This place LOOKED […]

The Ending

The building seemed to creak under it’s own weight. It was decrepit, old, and smothered in the dust of generations long past. Judging by the graffiti and the occasional shattered window or broken down wall I’d say it’s seen it’s share of abuse. Today it’s going to have to see a little more. I’m sure it’ll hold up, I wonder if I will? A high pitched whistles zips past my head. Damn these guys are getting good. They’ve had their practice though. Over the last hour or so I estimate something on the order of 2 to 3 thousand rounds […]

Death by Decaf (formerly The Maltese Coffee)

It’s raining. Not a nice spring shower either. It’s one of those nasty February jobs. You wouldn’t know it, but it’s two in the afternoon. The sky is dark enough for it to be closer to seven. There’s a half empty bottle of bourbon on the floor by the sofa, funny, I thought I’d finished that. I’m Sam. I’m a detective, or rather, I would be if someone would hurry up and hire me. Oh well, maybe a walk in the rain will help clear up this nagging headache. That’s when she walks in. I’m putting on my coat when […]