Category: Writing

The Heron’s Call

To hark the herons call across the foggy bay and welcome into being another gorgeous day such is all a man can ask this simple life to be the river flowing past us this mighty bird and me sitting ‘pon the waters edge we watch the rising sun the stars have long since faded the new day’s just begun he spreads his wings and steps up with ease takes to the sky I wish that I could join him and see things from his eye to ply across the clear blue sky would that i could be soaring though the […]

Dream to Rest

driving through upstate New York heading south to Tennessee, making for a fabled place I’ve al-ways want-ted to see. we’re going down to Memphis town to the castle of the King, to the land of delta blues where the ghosts of legend sing, we’re goin’ to visit Graceland to free my tortured soul, we’re go-ing to the birth place of the sound of rock and roll wan-der-ing through time and space, all paths lead to this place rough roads head-ing to south west, to put the dream to rest for a fire is kindled in my soul, it shall burn […]


thoughts caress ideas flow what’s happening I do not know red and blurring past my eyes a streak of conscious in the skies i lay i lye i wish to sleep and in my mind these thoughts to creep help me please i don’t know where but something evil creeps out there green and fat and nice to sit i wonder what to say to it as I lay upon the floor I ponder why I have no door a can, a man, oh man i can i have no attention span words upon my pencil tip coming from my […]

An Epitaph

This is the end, what now begins? I feel the darkness moving in I can tell this is the end remember me for this, my friend: I lived, I loved, I laughed, I lied and well before my time; I died.

The Ending

The building seemed to creak under it’s own weight. It was decrepit, old, and smothered in the dust of generations long past. Judging by the graffiti and the occasional shattered window or broken down wall I’d say it’s seen it’s share of abuse. Today it’s going to have to see a little more. I’m sure it’ll hold up, I wonder if I will? A high pitched whistles zips past my head. Damn these guys are getting good. They’ve had their practice though. Over the last hour or so I estimate something on the order of 2 to 3 thousand rounds […]

Midnight in Vegas

It’s midnight in Vegas and the lights are shining bright. 3000 miles away, it’s a dark & stormy night I’m surrounded by the glitz and glam like a far off foreign land And I’d trade it all for one more chance to hold my baby’s hand. One more chance to say “I love you” One more chance to hold her close; to tell her how I need her, I wonder if she knows one more time I shoot the dice that’s just how it goes One more opportunity to win away my woes There’s a girl clinging too my arm, […]

Bottle on the Mantle

There’s a bottle on the mantle I can feel it pull me in I prob’ly shouldn’t drink it But I really want that gin It won’t solve all my problems It won’t make me feel okay There’s a bottle on the mantle Why won’t it go away? There’s no problem with indulging every now and then The problem comes with wanting to drink and drink again There’s a bottle on the mantle Sweet and crystal clear That bottle on the mantle is calling me, Oh dear. I don’t think I have a problem I don’t drink to excess But some […]

For a Blonde (formerly Sonnet I)

Thou possesseth the loveliest blonde hair and thou hast a most engaging smile to merely gaze upon thy face so fair I wouldst surely walk many a mile I find thee to be the most enticing woman I’ve ever laid my eyes upon if life is a cake, thou art the icing on a pastry that makes mine woes begone I aspire to be with thee each day To spend all eternity at thine side Whenever you’re near i can’t find the way and the courage i build up runs to hide I’d tell the world mow much I care […]

Silly Boy

I don’t know how it happened I really can’t tell why All that I can tell you Is you’re the apple of my eye I see you when I go to bed You star in all my dreams Sometimes I merely lay awake And wonder what it means That of all the people in the world I should fall for you And I be even luckier That you should like me too It seems to me: a blessing A gift from up above To be lent the opportunity The chance to fall in love With a woman twice as beautiful […]