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Down The Steps

all alone sitting Crying emotions welling swirling dying what have i done? what did i do? what has brought this out of you? all i ever do is try whirl swirl crash and die all i ever felt has died flaming twisted burning wreckage have you could you get the message? what can i say? what can i do? to get my point across to you falling slowly deeper still succumbing to the pain i will i know i’m right i’ve done no wrong why then do i sing this dreary song follow the steps down to the end to […]

Untitled – 3

From her heavenly lips she delivers a kiss a pure moment of joy that i dare not miss i live for this moment, a strive to be here it never quite fails to lend my heart cheer i wish i could see her, hold her in my arms to sample her presence, to sample her charms i beg you fair lady: take me into your grace permit me to gaze upon your fair face i have not much to offer but my weary ol’heart but i suspect you have had just that from the start i miss you now, when […]

First Kiss

I find it to be a most beautiful thing that something so simple can make my heart sing The simplest gesture that ever there was has me clicking my heels together because deep down inside me emotions are welling it feels as though my lost soul is swelling A moment in time, a blink and no more sends tidings of joy to my innermost core a feeling of warmth, of loving affection, that finally my life is given direction i thank you for this, from the bottom of my heart i feel so alive, as though given a start I’m […]

Death by Decaf (formerly The Maltese Coffee)

It’s raining. Not a nice spring shower either. It’s one of those nasty February jobs. You wouldn’t know it, but it’s two in the afternoon. The sky is dark enough for it to be closer to seven. There’s a half empty bottle of bourbon on the floor by the sofa, funny, I thought I’d finished that. I’m Sam. I’m a detective, or rather, I would be if someone would hurry up and hire me. Oh well, maybe a walk in the rain will help clear up this nagging headache. That’s when she walks in. I’m putting on my coat when […]

And God Said…

A voice boomed out, from heaven above Strong and important, but so full of love “What have you done? My most prized Creations? You’ve tarnished the world with you’re ‘bominations!” And people were terrified, struck down with fear At the sound of a voice none thought they would hear And God, he continued, with a hint of distress “I gave you a planet, and you’ve made it a mess I told Adam and Eve, from my seat in the sky Go out, be fruitful and please multiply But what do I get for all my troubles and labour? 6 billion […]

Walk in the Sun

Upon the fields and the hills today The sun is shining in a wond’res way Calling out life and growths anew After a long cold winters ice so blue There are flowers and trees and love out a’bloomin A very sure sign that springs a loomin It feels as though there’s nothing you can’t do When a springtime sun is shining down on you With the warmth on your shoulders and sun in your hair And the birds singin songs with nary a care For the silly hectic world running all around And taking no notice of the soft brown […]


It’s an almost a tangible sense of doom Like a misty haze has beset the room In which I sit and ponder “why?” It’s come to this, a clouded eye Keeping me from seeing what must be done That I may walk again out in the sun A guiltless man, careless, free A different man, far from me I’ve committed wrongs, and heinous sins I can no longer tell where the list begins Of all the things I’ve done and now regret And cause me to worry, stress and fret How do I deliver my restitution? Without ending up in […]

Hallway Life

people walking, coming, going mild chaos. bo one knowing what to do or where to be they’re all lost including me Teachers bustling, fast’n’busy Students look for friends to see Just as quickly, all are gone a pin pin could ring out like a gong along this lonely hallway dear searching for a single ear students, children, mock and tease to bring another to his knees I have to wonder if the know the hypocrisy that there mouths doth blow they get a laugh but at what cost is yet another child lost? Lost to a life of sin and […]

Tapping My Mind

I It sits there lifeless, defying my mind I stare at it endlessly, yet feel so blind Where did it come from? why is it here? These questions have answers, and yet, I fear, I will never ever know just how It came to be. So to it I must bow What is before me now is old rusty but once was new, then used in trusty what purpose could it have served in life? could it have belonged to a husband or wife? or is it from a kitchen of a fancy restraunt that dished out food for the […]

Come Ye to Me

Come ye to me, all you wandering souls Come ye to me, those with nowhere to go Come ye to me, with a little pixie dust Come ye to me, Its magic or bust I’ll give you all purpose, a reason to live I’ll share with you magic, my gift to give I’ll set you all free,  the princes and paupers I’ll pull out the plugs, holders and stoppers Join in the magic, be wild, and be free Come ye to me and be who you will be Come taste of a freedom nobody expected Stop feeling sorry, depressed and dejected […]