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Sneeze Pt 2

across the room the start to yell ’bout the massive sneeze i did expell the seem to think I controled the fact the my own nose decided to act they moan and groan and really fret all because i kinda got them wet i can’t really consider how it feels my sneeze brought a pal upon its heels right away i can tell what will occour if this sneeze i don’t deter but can i stop so powerful a wind as to make a man believe he’s sinned? unfort’netly i let this on go as all my friends scream out […]

The Sneeze

I feel like I really need to sneeze The weakness is growing in my knees Moving upward past my thighs A tightness is forming in my eyes My face contorts to a nasty grin A sign the seeze will soon begin The last thing i notice is my nose An itchy twinge before it blows And then with a roar i loose the sneeze across the room they feel the breeze

Untitled – 2

She’s lying quietly ‘gainst my shin I open my heart to let her in To answer the questions deep inside To be the one in whom to confide My soul is torn and ripped to bits Can she tell from where she sits? Help me, tell me where to go I’m at a loss, i just don’t know No one tells me where to be What to do, or who to see I’m all alone in boundless county To bend for myself against its bounty I need someone to hold me still To keep me down, control my will Is […]

Lying in Bed

resltlessly lying in my bed my hair strewn ’bout my head i ponder now my own existence and find it makes no form of sense to love, to lose; and then to cry come pain and wanting that  i die to live, to love; to love, to lose to see things from another’s shoes if i be asked i’ll take a chance on Satan and his fiery lance than ponder just what it means one man has riches, another beans till then i am, just quite content to lie in bed and just lament

Untitled – 1

Water running, fast and free I see it in the soul of thee But your loves lost I do lament Due mostly to my base intent Through lowly words and lech’res vice All i can hope for now is ice Forgive me please o princess fair I know you have no need to care For a lowly imp of no true stature who vainly wishes he’d mature For lost to me are your graces For the sake of laughing faces My chances took flight like a sparrow Of your reiceving cupids arrow If you’d but known my true intent your […]

Christmas Poem

Snow is blowing, whistling through the night A star is shimmering, a bright Christmas light Thousands of sects, righteous and true Which one of these holds meaning to you? The star is shining luminous and white Brightening the night, an inspiring sight Feel great and inspired from the kind And leave the presents under the tree to find All of the people are joyous and merry An angel’s on top, a bright Christmas fairy The tree is so pretty and well decorated All chocolate cravings soon will be sated By a jolly old man in a dirty red suit Sliding […]

My Shell

i crawl into my little shell no things to see no things to smell none of the things they’ve got out there outside there is just so much sound of foxes chasing down the hound but i can hide, i know just where despite the sound in steady swell I’ll sit in silence in my shell nor more need for me to go out there i hear one single lonely noise the solit’ry sound of my minds voice slipping in from everywhere it comes to me in dead of night no sound or struggle with nary a fight to me […]