I wrote this for and about a lady I was seeing at the time. Nothing ever came of the relationship, but may as well take advantage of inspiration when it strikes I suppose.

smooth as silk and soft as satin
soft as angels feathered wings
pale beauty and alluring
of their praises my heart sings

like moonlit marble sculpture
they curve serenely upwards
like something from a picture
that’s worth a thousand words

intriguing in their beauty
their warmth is captivating
as objects of desire
they set men salivating

to reach out and caress them
is something few men do
like a treasure that is hidden
for just a special few

if one is truly worthy
he may earn the right
to gaze upon their glory
in the darkness of the night

amongst all of creation
they surely take the prize
nothings near as lovely
nor as pleasing to the eyes

To be honest, I can maybe see why nothing came of it. I was sappy AF.